17 Places to Find Free Images



17 Places to Find Free Images

17 Places to Find Free Images

Finding photos to post on your website or social media ads can be a time-consuming task.  It’s hard to find the right image for yourself or your client, it’s even harder to find an image that you have a legal right to use.

Here are two articles to turn to on the subject.  Both articles go over, in detail, where to find free images and the license restrictions associated with each source:



From these articles we’ve managed to compile a list of our favorite places to find images.

Here are the 17 places we look to find free images

1. http://freerangestock.com/

2. http://www.freephotosbank.com

3. http://www.imagefree.com/

4. http://www.imcreator.com/free 

5. http://morguefile.com/

6. http://pixabay.com 

7.  http://www.rgbstock.com

8.  http://www.gratisography.com/

9. http://join.deathtothestockphoto.com/

10. http://www.freemediagoo.com

11. http://www.istockphoto.com

12. http://littlevisuals.co/

13. http://picjumbo.com/

14.  http://nos.twnsnd.co/

15. http://superfamous.com/ 

16.  http://getrefe.tumblr.com/

17. http://www.unprofound.com

A great place to download backgrounds:

18.  Backgrounds: http://thepatternlibrary.com/

Our Favorite photo search tools

19. https://canweimage.com/

20. http://compfight.com

21.  http://foter.com/



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