3 Secret Ways to Increase Your Facebook Reach (FOR FREE)

Facebook Organic Reach

Increase Facebook Organic Reach

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is a pay to play platform.  You have to pay for a Facebook Ad to increase your Facebook page’s reach.  You won’t get into the newsfeed unless you pay for the privilege.  Even if your content is amazing it may not be seen by people who like your page.

Screw that.  

Let’s get you in the newsfeed for free.  Let’s improve your organic reach, i.e. the amount of people you reach on Facebook without paying for the privilege.

Here are three simple, but overlooked, things you can do right now to improve your organic reach.  

It’s not going to fix your organic reach overnight.  This is just the start.  However, if haven’t completed these three simple task your page will not ever be able to win over the algorithm and be seen by your fans and other users on Facebook.

Step 1:  Verify Your Page

Simple yet overlooked step.  We studied over 200 pages (see the results here).  Only 162 pages were verified.  That doesn’t make sense.

If your page is not verified it is harder to find.  Facebook will rank it lower in the search algorithm even if it has more relevant content. Verifying is simple.  It is a must.

Action Step: Go to your Facebook Page> Hit Settings> Find “Page Verification”> Follow the Steps.

Step 2:  Change Your Call to Action Button to “Learn More”

Facebook rates your page’s performance by a couple key factors.  One of them is whether people are clicking on your call to action button.  Increase your page’s performance, increase your reach.  That simple. 

When we looked at 200 pages most of them were using “Sign Up” as their call to action.  It is a compelling option.  But think about it.  If I came to your page right now would I be ready to sign up immediately for whatever you are promoting?  

As we said in our Increase Your Reach in 25 Minutes presentation:  “‘Learn more’ feels like an invitation, and ‘Sign up’ feels like a command.  Both have a place in Facebook content strategy; when in doubt, however, ‘Learn more’ is the more universal option and may lead to increased lead opportunities (and more of those clicks that Facebook loves).”

If you aren’t seeing a lot of organic traffic to your page, change your call to action button to learn more.

Action Step: Go to your Facebook Page> Hit the Pencil Button on the Call to Action Button> Establish a Call to Action> Input Relevant Link

Step 3:  Turn on Your Preferred Page Audience

Did you know Facebook will promote your content for free if it is performing well and helping Facebook meet its goal of keeping people on Facebook as long as possible?

Did you know you can tell Facebook exactly what type of people to put your page in front of so they can put “your Page in front of the people who matter to you most.”

This way you have a better shot at being relevant when Facebook promotes your page, which increases your chances for better reach and engagement.

Action Step:  Go to Your Facebook Page> Hit Settings> Hit Preferred Page Audience (Left Tab) > Edit> Enter Demographics and Interest

STEP 2:  Return to Settings> Hit General> Hit Audience Optimization for Posts> Edit> Hit the Check Box in the Square to Turn On Audience Optimization for Posts


If you take these three steps today your page will be in a better position to meet your organic reach goals.  


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