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January 15, 2012

Jennifer Jessie- About Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Jessie and I am the founder of No Blue Creative, a full service creative, marketing and development firm.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

In 2009, I graduated from UVA Law and realized I did not want to be a practicing attorney. While I was getting licensed I created a TV blog. Less than 1 year later, thousands of people were visiting my site every day to read my TV reviews.

As a result of an error during a blog redesign my blog lost all of its traffic. I had to rebuild. I mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web design, content marketing, and social media marketing in the process.

As a result our traffic grew enormously, within a few months we had first page rankings on Google and more traffic than ever before.

Five years ago I started implementing the same strategies I used for my blog for business owners. I’ve helped countless business owners grow their business and attract clients and customers.

Social Media Strategist:

I work with people who are ready to create business opportunities on social media. My clients want to collaborate to create a social media game plan that is easy to implement and tailored to their specific business needs.

The biggest concern my clients have, making sure they see a return on investment when it comes to their social media.

People turn to me to take their social media to the next level by using data-driven, systematic, proven strategies.

Social Media Consultant, Trainer, Provider for Marketing Agencies:

I help marketing companies make the transition from print to digital. I partner up with marketing agencies who want to provide social media solutions to their clients.

I serve as a consultant, trainer, and/or provide low-cost solutions to agencies.

Social Media Education:

I speak at conferences on the topic of using social media for business.

I also speak to businesses who want to offer social media training to their employees or marketing professionals.

In addition, B2B and B2C companies use my educational workshops as a lead generation opportunity to attract new clients or strengthen their relationships with existing clients.


Here are a couple random facts about me 

Nickname: Jenn

What drives me:  Creating meaningful relationships and exploring interesting opportunities.

The moment I decided to start No Blue Creative: I decided to start No Blue Creative when I read Googles Zero Moment of Truth. As I read it I realized my heart was racing. Even just thinking about it now makes my heart race. I realized I loved marketing and online marking.

If you really knew me you would know:

1. I never heard of Virginia Tech before I applied to the school for my undergraduate degree, now i’m a die hard Hokie.

2. I’ve won five college basketball pools in a row.

3. I adore Penguins, ballerina flats, and boatshoes.

4.  I use to run the mile in less than 5 minutes (I can still run it close to that indoors)

5.  I am an Oprah addict.


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