3 Secret Ways to Increase Your Facebook Reach (FOR FREE)

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is a pay to play platform.  You have to pay for a Facebook Ad to increase your Facebook page’s reach.  You won’t get into the newsfeed unless you pay for the privilege.  Even if your content is amazing it may not be seen by people who like your page. Screw[…]

Banned From Facebook

Why Realtors and Business Owners Are Getting Kicked Off of Facebook

Why are some Realtors and Business owners getting kicked off of Facebook?  For advertising their business on their personal page. There’s a trend, among Realtors and other business owners, to add their title to their name on their personal Facebook page.  For example, instead of being listed as “Joe Smith” a Realtor changes their name[…]

How to Create Strategic Partnerships

A Quick Guide to Building Strategic Partnerships

  Want to build great strategic partnerships? Here’s one approach that works: Research to Determine Potential Partnership Opportunities 1. Prepare a list of all the request you receive from potential clients or customers that you are unable to fulfill 2. Create a list of all the request you anticipate receiving from potential clients or customers[…]