How to handle a bad review on social media

What to do about bad reviews on yelp

The only way to combat a bad review is great customer service or to try to get back into the customer’s good graces by taking their complaint seriously. Instead of ignoring a bad review, business owners should face the problem head on.

Here’s how to handle a bad review from a customer on social media:

1. Be responsive

Reply to every review, positive or negative at least once a week. Thank the people who posted positive ones and address the negative ones.

2. Apologize

If you business did not deliver, apologize. Apologize privately and publicly.

Do not do a “sorry you feel that way” or “it wasn’t our intention” apology. Provide a real, sincere apology.

3. Own up

Excuses, even valid ones, will not help resolve the situation with a customer who wrote a bad review.

Tell the customer that you take full responsibility for the situation. Also mention the service he or she received is not the service he or she deserved or should come to expect from your business.

4. Take action

Schedule a time to speak offline and propose action.

If given the privilege of a conversation, ask the customer what your company can do to make the situation right. Propose a solution or make an offer that will allow your company to serve the person again and repair the damage.

5. Fix the situation

When a customer complains do not assume they are just blowing off steam. Use the bad review as an opportunity for growth.

Even if you disagree with most or all the reviews, ask yourself why someone would have a negative perception of your business and figure out a way to deliver better service to people in the future.

These steps will help you start to repair the damage done by a negative review and help you avoid bad reviews in the future.

What do you do to combat bad reviews? Tell me in the comments.

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