Increase Video Views On Facebook WITHOUT Ads

Problem:  Content That Isn’t Creating New Leads
Solution: Video Tags- We used these this week and generated 2 leads for a high end product this week

1.  Create a very niche video by choosing one idea

Pick a theme for the week.  This week ours was videos on Facebook.

Then narrow the focus.  Do this by asking questions.

We asked what about videos?  How to find the audience?  What about finding the audience?  How to find the audience for your videos without having to pay Facebook.  How would you do that?  By identifying to Facebook who is a relevant audience member.  How would you identify to Facebook?  Using video tags.

Bad Example:  How to Get Into Law School
Good Example: How to Get Into a Virginia Law School or How to Get into a Top 10 Law School or How to Get Off the Waitlist at a Top 10 Law School

2.  Make your video short- 3 minutes or less

People don’t have long attention spans anymore.  Make your video short.

Unless it is essential to make it long.  But never go longer than 10 minutes.  If you have a video you cannot shoot in less than 10 minutes then break it up into 3- 3 (and a half if needed) minute videos.

If it is longer than 3 minutes deliver the value upfront.  This week my video was close to 6 minutes.  Not great.  So we said okay, let’s make sure everyone knows the value within 30 seconds.  And we did.  And we mentioned that in the caption by saying we were going to answer the question of how to reach more people for free, aka organically, with videos in the first 30 seconds.

3.  Upload it to Facebook

When you upload a video to Facebook.  When you do this a video panel should open up (see below).  Upload your video and whenever possible upload or create subtitles.  A majority of videos on Facebook are watched with sound off.

Increase Video Views to Facebook
4.  Use the Tags

Inserting tags is pretty simple.  Just type in the tag box and it should auto-populate.

Add Video Tags on Facebook To Increase Organic Reach
5.  Identify the exact tag needed
Ex: Law Schools  for the example above

Ex:  Social Media for our example

You can research tags and advance and brainstorm topics to write on.

6.  Tag Video in video panel- video details>tags

Not much more to it.  We are in the process now of going back to add tags to every video.

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