A Quick Guide to LinkedIn Publishing

How to use the Linkedin Publishing Feature

Out of all of the social media platform LinkedIn is the one that easily generates business.  In fact, a person we know generates over 90% of his business from LinkedIn alone.

There are 300 million users on LinkedIn and 74% of people say they use LinkedIn to help research a person or a company.  

What does this mean? When people are deciding whether to hire you or buy from your company it is more likely than not the first thing they turn to make a decision will be LinkedIn.  

Why?  People tend to look up people on LinkedIn after going to a networking event and your profile is usually one of the first things that pops up when someone searches for you by name on Google. 

So how do you get an edge on LinkedIn and generate more business?  Establish yourself as an expert (aka: a “thought leader”).

How do you do that?  Publish an article.

How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Get More Business 

Recently LinkedIn opened up the publishing feature.  The publishing feature allows you to write an article and share it within your network and anyone with a LinkedIn account.

The article is searchable by everyone on LinkedIn who looks for post with your article’s keywords.  If someone is looking for something on social media and you’ve published an article on the topic, your article may show up.

If your article is shared and liked enough it can even make it to the front page on of LinkedIn on Pulse.

Everyone wants to do business with someone they consider to be an expert.  Use LinkedIn to make sure everyone in and outside your network knows about your expertise.

Right now most of our clients are using the LinkedIn publishing feature to let people inside and outside of their network know they are an expert in their chosen field.

Our clients are using LinkedIn to provide value and answer questions. They showcase their expertise with every article they publish.

Quick Tips to Get Started with LinkedIn Publishing

In order to be known as an expert you need to create articles people enjoy reading, like, and want to share.

How do you go about doing that?  Provide valuable content that educates the reader.

Social Media Examiner recently wrote a great article on “How to use LinkedIn Publisher to Get More Visibility.”  

One of the best tips from the article, interview influencers and post the interview on LinkedIn.  It’s a unique way to showcase others expertise and establish yourself as well-connected.  This is the type of technique that will set you apart from the crowd.

 Here are more tips about on how to establish expertise on LinkedIn Publishing:
1.  Answer question- Establish yourself as an expert by answering frequently asked questions in your field.
Help people by educating them on your area of expertise.  At No Blue Creative we nickname this method the “Martha Stewart method.”  The concept behind this is Martha Stewart teaches you how to do everything she does, she doesn’t hold back and neither should you.
At one point everyone realizes they are no Martha Stewart and they hire someone to do what Martha Stewart does and if they have the funds they will hire the expert, Martha Stewart.
The moral, become the Martha Stewart of your network.  Give people enough information so they can realize they need to hire an expert in order to get the maximum benefit.
2.  Post valuable articles- Got writer’s block and don’t know what to write?  Try this trick.
Find 5-10 articles in your field that you find valuable on one particular topic.  Write a paragraph introducing the articles and a sentence or two about the value you found in each.
This keeps you in the know and let’s others know you stay on top of your field.
Get Started 
If you want to get ahead of the game start publishing.  Since LinkedIn just rolled out this feature anyone who gets started and takes advantage will stay ahead of the game.
The key to a great LinkedIn published post, provide value and educate your network on your area, don’t try to sell your product.
Don’t expect immediate results, keep posting and track your results.  When something works find a way to build momentum.
Ask your network for feedback along the way.  Also don’t let the process of LinkedIn publishing overwhelm you, get started and see what happens.

How are you using LinkedIn Publishing in your business?  Tell us in the comments and we will pick the best tips for our next LinkedIn Published article. 

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