10 Quick Tips About Twitter

I love twitter.  When I was growing my blog twitter was the first place I turned to for help.  I started conversations with influencers in my field. I established meaningful relationships with those influencers and had interesting conversations which showed off my expertise. That led to blog traffic and more relevant follows for my twitter page, which help me legitimize my blog.

Twitter helped me build my audience as those influencers began to share my content with their followers and it upped my credibility.  It resulted in higher search engine rankings as well as new business opportunities.

Twitter, can be intimidating for new users.  Its hard to know where to start when it comes to twitter.  Here are 10 tips about twitter.  I used these tips to grow my blog and business, they were successful for me and I hope they are successful for you as well.

Tell me in the comments if you have any tips, advice, or questions about twitter. 

10 Quick Tips About Twitter

1. Make a list of the top 10 ideal customers/clients you want to attract

Knowing who you are marketing to is a good way of determining the type of messages you want to post on twitter and the type of audience you want to attract.

2. Determine who influences your top 10 ideal customers/clients (i.e.: influencers)

Example: If your top 10 includes stay at home mom find a mom blogger that has a lot of influence over your ideal customer. Do basic google searches (ex: “Top Blogs for Moms) to help identify influencers or look to twitter list.

3. Follow the influencers

4. Find out who the influencers are following and decide if you should follow them as well.

Your influencers know other influencers you may not have thought to include on your original list.

5. Make a list on twitter using their list feature of your “Favorite Follows” or “Must Follow People”

A twitter list will help attract your influencers.  If your influencer is included on your twitter list then they are more likely to visit your page and if they find your content interesting they may even follow you.

It will also help you stay on top of things in your field since you can choose to only look at recent tweets from people who are on your list.

6. Engage: Don’t just broadcast alerts about your own content, start conversations.

If one of the people on your influencer list or one of your followers tweets about something interesting tweet them back and start a conversation.

Don’t just use your twitter to tweet about your own blog post or contest, pose questions and start conversations with your audience and your influencers.

7. Retweet- share influencers and followers content if you find it interesting or think your target audience would find it interesting.

Bonus, add a comment to show your interest or showcase your expertise or ask a question.  So, instead of just retweeting add a line or comment if there is enough characters.



8. Join a tweet chat, especially one hosted by your influencers.

If you can’t find one start one and invite your influencers to participate or google “top tweet chats for (target audience member- i.e.:  runners, mom, etc.).

Example of how to invite an influencer to a chat:  Tweet to your influencer “hey @(insertnamehere) we’re having a tweet chat about moms at 3 pm tomorrow, we would love for you to join by using the hashtag #momchat”

9. Become a source of information- post relevant articles your ideal client and influencer will like.

Post news, great articles from influencers, content you think your influencers or target audience will like, be the source of up to date information.  When news breaks in your industry or field use it as an opportunity to showcase your expertise by engaging in conversations using relevant hashtags.

10. Once you build a relationship with influencers explore opportunities.

Ask them via email if you can help with an event, see if they are interested in hosting an event with you, invite them to come speak in person or via video to a target audience (this will help attract customers who are interested in seeing or hearing the influencer but may not be aware of your business), explore guest posting opportunities.  Find a way to connect offline if they are in your area.  If you are going to a conference with them tweet them and let them know you would love to meet in person.

Hopefully these tips will help you grow and expand your business on twitter.

What’s your top twitter tip?  Share it in the comments.  Got questions?  Share them below and we might post a video reply to your questions on our Facebook page. Check out our Google+ page to see hangout opportunities about this and other social media topics. 


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