The #1 Reason You Aren’t Making Money In Your Business

There’s a reason you aren’t making money in your business.  You aren’t providing value to the marketplace or you haven’t found a way to showcase the value of your product or service.

When I sit down with someone for a marketing coaching call one of the first things I try to determine is why the product or service the person is offering is valuable. Unfortunately, what I usually discover is the business owner is trying to force their vision and ideas on the market without considering what the market wants and values.  

What the business owner sees as valuable is not, in fact, valuable to their ideal customer or client.  The only value the product or service offers is value to the business owner’s ego.   It’s clear the product or service the business owner is offering is what he or she wants but it is not designed with the client or customer in mind. 

Your business is not about what you want, but what the people want and what you as a business owner are in the best position to provide.  If you want to make money in business then you need to create products or services that keep your client or customer in mind, provides them value, and meets their needs.

The Middle Finger Project sums up this idea perfectly:

When you do anything for your business, consider: Is this something people actually want?

If you’re sending out hundreds of old-school postcard mailers, are you doing that because that’s what people want? Or because that’s what you want? (Likely because you don’t know what else to do, so at least this makes you feel like you’re doing something, right?)

If you’re shoving “newsletter updates” down people’s throats, is that something people actually want? “Newsletter updates?”

If you’re writing a blog post, is it information people will actually want?

In other words, WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM?”

Another question you should ask yourself when designing a product or service or creating a piece of promotional or marketing material is this: How will this product or service improve the life of the individual or individuals I want to impact? 
Keep your market in mind when creating your product or service and later marketing your product or service.  This will ensure your clients and customers walk away happy and make your business more profitable.
How do you communicate value to your clients and customers?   Tell me in the comments.

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